Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach

So, you think you have a Motorhome?

Well, (to paraphrase Crocodile Dundee), THIS is a MOTORHOME!.

A Kingsley Coach to be exact. Ever seen one on the road? You can tell it by all the heads turning to watch it go by. Built along the lines of a Prevost, this was Kingsley's first entry into the truck conversion motorhome market. This LeeAnn Rimes coach (see the link below) made Kingsley famous for their custom truck conversions for touring rock stars.

Update, August, 2017. This site is a good piece of history if you're shopping for, or want to build a truck conversion. It's been a while since I owned this coach and truck conversions have come a long way in the past 15 years. Possibly it's the romance of driving a big rig on the open road. It's certainly a lot more fun than guiding a big box motorhome from RV park to RV park. RVing, and driving a big truck should be fun! Kingsley is long gone now, but there are several custom builders out there, just check google. As for me, like others wanting something fun and different, I did create my own Conversion. No, I don't have a site for it yet, but in 2013, Destination America and The travel Channel included "Big Blue" on a couple of cable series featuring Epic Mega RVs. Take a look at the following links:

I had a lot of help getting this project on the road and while I'm not building these things, I'm glad to answer questions on all phases of design, engineering and construction of a Conversion. It's been fun running back and forth across the country, where folks still say, "We saw you on TV!" True, it's still in reruns.

You can reach me, text or voice, at 530 830-2632
Bruce Rayner, TimeLine Designs (

Now, back to the history of the coach that started it all:

With its smooth lines giving it an aerodynamic design instead of a conventional square look, this Kingsley is easy to look at and fun to drive.

Envision yourself behind the wheel of a state of the art Class 8 truck with raw power and driving comfort as well, then enjoying the elegant living style of this executive coach when you stop. Compare this to the $1M Prevost conversion coaches you've seen. They're elegant inside as well, but so ordinary to drive. This makes getting there just plain fun. Like the idea? Read on, let us give you an idea of how you can own a Kingsley.

Kingsley Coach manufactured about 100 custom coaches. This one, however, has a distinctive background. It is one of the first coaches they built, known as the "LeAnn Rimes" design, after the country star who traveled on tour with three of these coaches. This coach was created with an executive layout and used by the Kingsley designer as a personal and demo coach. See more of the LeeAnn Rimes series at The LeAnn Rimes connection)

Prevost style windows, a low step entrance mid ships and separate driver and co-pilot entrance doors round out the looks and convenience of the Kingsley. Side storage bays and a rear bay large enough for toys like a three wheeler or dirt bike (92" x 70" x 30") add to the practicality of this coach.

The appointments inside the coach match those of any high end Class A motorhome.

A few extras do stand out. A midships low step entrance door with entrance foyer and oak banister (poodle greeter not included). A Combo-Matic washer dryer, separate high capacity ice maker, trash compactor. Walk around queen size bed with separate dressers. Full size bath and shower. New 3 way refrigerator, double sink.

Hidden behind the appearance though is structural detail that integrates the cab and coach into a single unit. Check out that workmanship!

A big difference, besides looks, is in the handling. This coach will never "wallow" through turns. With its heavy duty chassis and low center of gravity, it takes turns without leaning. Put it on cruise control and it will take you up and down those hills in stride.

Here's another plus: If you ever need service on the road, just drive into any Peterbuilt service center along the interstate for 24 hour repair service. You can even sleep while the work is being done. Unlike diesel pushers where the engine is under the bed (love those mechanics walking through your living room), just pop the hood for instant serviceability. Because it is a standard truck, those service centers are glad to work on your rig. That means it is easier for you too to do your own routine maintenance checks.

Safety is another plus. Pray that it doesn't happen, but in an accident, a standard flat front motorhome puts you pretty close to whatever gets in your way. With a truck conversion, one gets a sense of security knowing that whatever is in the road has to get through 8,000 pounds of engine before it gets to you. As a trucker observed, it's nice to know that if something bad happens, you'll be above the carnage.