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The LeAnn Rimes Connection

In 1996, the concept of a Class 8 Highway truck tractor married to a motorhome was an idea in the mind of Ralph Dickenson. It seemed like a logical improvement to the proliferation of underpowered square tin box RVs then on the road. His company, soon to become Kingsley Coach, built one to show at RV gatherings throughout the south. By chance, Wilbur Rimes saw the coach and was immediately sold on the concept. Rimes' 13 year old daughter, LeAnn, had just made it on the country charts and her popularity was exploding. (Google LeAnn Rimes for more info). LeAnn was about to go on tour. Rimes figured that the Kingsley coach was a refreshing alternative to the familiar bus that other groups used for travel. He wanted something different, something that said "a new kind of country star" when it rolled into town. On the spot, he ordered three of them and the Kingsley coach was a reality. The three coaches were highly customized with bunks for the crew, reception areas and in one coach a tanning booth adjacent to the master bedroom and LeAnn's dressing room.

Where are the coaches now? One is in Arizona, the blue one is in Minnesota and the third one was seen on the way to the Sturgis bike ralley in South Dakota this year hauling a huge trailer full of Harleys! It is owned by John Breckinridge, a top racer featured on the 2006 Sturgis poster. And where did he get it? On ebay!

Dickenson, designer and president of Kingsley Coach, built one more coach with the same outward look and design of the Rimes coaches. The "look" was achieved by a graceful curve built into the side of the coach and a custom faring that blended the lines of the Peterbuilt into the coach. The distinctive curved windows were actually purchased from Prevost, the Canadian manufacturer of many of the million dollar specialty coarches you may have seen. The custom Kingsley was outfitted as an executive coach for show and private use by Dickenson. The coach was sold to TimeLine Designs and it is the red custom coach you see here.

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On the Road with a Kingsley....

Shined up and ready to go. Sure does look pretty.

Can you tell it's fun to drive?

Along the Lewis and Clark trail, the mighty Missouri.

We always had the edge on power and spent a good deal of time in the passing lane on the hills.

Into the Bad Lands. Takes a lot of scenery to make this coach look small.

Oh oh. Over a hundred degrees and this could ruin your day. Not with the Kingsley. She just kept crusin.

No visit to South Dakota is complete without a stop at Wall Drug.

Devil's Tower at sunset. Almost as impressive as our coach....

Climbing into the Bighorns towards Yellowstone at 9000'.

At home on the range.

The Tetons loom ahead

Back to civilization again.

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Tech Details on the Classic Coach

No slides. Gen is diesel, 15kw, connected directly to the main tanks (2 -70 gal). Coach was designed to be all electric, thus the big gen. Has several baseboard electric heaters with fans throughout. Thus hot water is elec as well, about a 10 gal tank. We are adding propane for the frig only.

At 45' it is legal, I believe in all 50 states. CA has some restrictions, like you're not supposed to take it on some small roads per a route list on the CHP website. Hasn't proved a problem. We took it thru Yellowstone. Now that was pushing it. Talked to the park ranger, yes it was legal, but those roads are twisty for a big rig. Because it is registered as a motorhome it is considered a "housecar" like any other motorhome, even if it looks like a truck. Thus the same rules apply as for a passenger car. No stopping at weigh stations, use the speed limit for cars, pay the non commercial fee for registration, pay motorhome rates for insurance. My policy runs around $1200/yr. CA is unique in one respect, they require a "non commercial class B license for rigs over 40' up to 45'. No medical required, just have to know about air brakes, etc. However, CA recognizes the requirements of other states it you're passing thruough.

Shore power: Standard 50' or so 220v cable 50A service with adapters for 30A and 110v service. Standard left side dump hose, fresh water fill or city water connect. 140 gal fresh water tank, 100 gal black and 40 gal gray water tanks.

More details: Cummins 410 hp has Jake and 6 spd Allison auto trans. Dual rear drive axle and dual tag axle. Air control from cockpit to raise tag for shorter wheel base in city, raise rear end for clearance, lower rear end for easier loading in rear bay.

Electrical convenience: Auto shore AC transfer switch, auto inverter transfer. Thus, when dry camping, coach AC for stove, TV, microwave, etc. (except air conditioning and heat) will run on inverter on separate bank of house batteries. Remote gen start switch in cockpit and next to bed starts/stops gen, transfers load to gen and does a quick charge on batteries. Plugging in umbilical cable transfers load to shore power. Cable TV external connector wired to living room and bedroom TV. Roof antenna for VHF/UHF can be raised/rotated from inside.

Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach RV Truck Conversion Kingsley Coach